How to Become a Dog Groomer in Florida

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Dog groomers don’t just make sure dogs appear beautiful; they also ensure they are in perfect condition regarding their hygiene. To do their jobs, dog groomers in Florida must have an affinity towards pets, a calm attitude, and an excellent knowledge of various grooming techniques.

They must also have a clear picture of what is involved in the process before starting. This will ensure that they are well-equipped for the journey and are not taken by surprise halfway through.

To that end, we have provided comprehensive resources below containing the steps involved in becoming a dog groomer in Florida and notable programs and certification options.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Florida

Below is a general overview of the steps involved in becoming a dog groomer in Florida.

Step 1: Attend a Training Program

Before becoming a dog groomer anywhere, you must enroll in a training program. This is not to say that many people don’t have natural talent. Still, it is always advisable to attend official classes to develop this talent further and become familiar with more standardized developments, methods, and techniques in the field.

Additionally, attending a training program gives you more credibility and opens up an opportunity for certification and additional credentials.

Step 2: Become Certified

After graduation from a training school, dog groomers often opt for professional credentials to boost their appeal to potential employers and customers. This is because certification acts as a validation that a dog groomer possesses the skills they’re supposed to.

The upcoming section will discuss dog grooming certification in Florida more.

Along with certification, candidates may also consider joining professional organizations such as the American Kennel Club. Such organizations offer high-level connections and respectability throughout the country and the world.

Step 3: Secure Employment

Potential dog groomers who have completed a dog grooming school and obtained certification have a few alternatives to consider. They may secure employment in a pet grooming salon or mobile grooming station or start their own business.

Starting a dog grooming parlor gives professionals more control over their fate, but it also includes a great deal of administrative duties that some would prefer to avoid.

Consider exploring trades with similar paths:

Licensure & Certification Requirements

The National Dog Groomers Association of America offers dog groomers in Florida (and all over the country) the opportunity to obtain a professional credential and become certified.

Even though the state does not expect dog groomers to become certified, an NDGAA certification goes a long way to improve appeal to employers and receive quality training through workshops and seminars.

Another popular alternative is the credential offered by the International Professional Groomers, Inc. Just like the NDGAA, this association holds sway in the industry and offers opportunities for skills acquisition and career improvement.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Florida

The following are a few top-quality destinations to receive high-level training as an aspiring dog groomer in Florida.

Woof Gang Academy of Grooming

Woof Gang Academy of Grooming offers a dog grooming program of 300 to 600 hours of training. Practicing dog groomers may also enroll in continuing education classes to consolidate their skills.

Participants of this program get to choose between full-time and part-time classes. They can also pursue the Nationally Certified Master Groomer credential upon graduation.

Dog Groomer Academy

Dog Groomer Academy in Orlando allows interested individuals to work with actual dogs as they learn. The program includes 600 training hours, focusing on bathing, animal care assistance, styling, and more.

Merrifield Academy

Merrifield Academy in Fort Lauderdale offers a dog grooming program with numerous perks. For one, candidates enjoy financial aid if they qualify. Upon graduation, they will receive job placement assistance, with the program boasting an impressive job placement rate of 82% in the last year.

Consider exploring dog groomer schools in neighboring states:

Salary & Career Outlook

Florida dog groomers earn an annual average salary of $51,896. At the beginning of their careers, their wages may align with the state average for the bottom 10% of earners in the field, which is $32,005.

Along the course of their career, however, it is possible to scale up their earnings and start making as much as $84,149 per year on average.

They may also optimize factors such as specialization and location to earn even more. For instance, Florida’s highest paying cities to be a dog groomer include West Palm Beach, Naples, and Boynton Beach, with annual average salaries of $57,587, $56,603, and $56,064, respectively.

Cape Coral and Rockledge are among the top five highest-paying cities for dog groomers in Florida, with annual average salaries of $50,677 and $47,911.