How to Become a Dog Groomer in New York

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Dog groomers in New York earn an annual salary significantly above the national average. They also enjoy a vast client base and are always in constant demand.

For this reason, the profession offers a veritable outlet for dog enthusiasts who take pride in studying grooming techniques and ensuring that pets look good and are in healthy physical shape.

For individuals in the state interested in pursuing positions as dog groomers, the guide below contains every key consideration, including the steps involved in the process, possible schools to consider, certification options, and potential salary range.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in New York

Below is an example of an optimal path to start a dog grooming career in New York.

Step 1: Receive Education from a Dog Grooming School

All aspiring dog groomers in New York must receive appropriate education from a quality dog grooming program before they start their careers. Luckily, the state is home to various high-quality training programs offering comprehensive grooming training and the opportunity to receive real-world experience.

We will take a look at some of these programs below.

Step 2: Gain Practical Experience

After obtaining training, a future dog groomer in New York must acquire practical experience before securing employment. It is common for grooming schools to include an apprenticeship arrangement enabling students to practice what they have been taught in an actual real-world environment.

Dog groomers in the state must be able to perform tasks such as cleaning, styling, and detecting skin issues even before working professionally.

Step 3: Become Certified

Aspiring dog groomers in New York are advised to obtain certification not because the state requires them to do so but because it can offer many benefits.

To obtain certification, candidates must participate in workshops, pass written exams, and demonstrate practical skills.

Ultimately, the credentials they receive will be more than enough to make them highly appealing to potential employers. It will also allow them to acquire even more skills than they did during their training sessions.

Step 4: Hone Your Skills

Since dog grooming is constantly evolving, dog groomers in the state are expected to continue to improve their skills and expand their expertise – even after securing employment.

Candidates may also seek better career opportunities by starting their dog grooming parlors or mobile grooming pet salons.

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Licensure & Certification Requirements

Like most states nationwide, New York has no certification or licensing requirements for dog groomers. However, as highlighted above, certification does come with many benefits, so it is advisable to obtain one anyway.

Candidates looking for a nationally recognized dog grooming credential may go for the one offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. The association organizes workshops nationwide that candidates must attend to showcase their practical skills.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in New York

The following includes notable dog grooming schools for interested candidates in New York to consider.

The New York Academy of Pet Styling

The New York Academy of Pet Styling is one of the most prominent dog grooming schools in the entire country. The school offers a three-hour program on essential topics, including bathing, drying, coat treatments, and fishing techniques.

American Academy of Pet Grooming

The American Academy of Pet Grooming has locations in multiple states nationwide, including New York. The school’s dog grooming program boasts a comprehensive curriculum and excellent instructors.

New York Institute of Pet Grooming

The New York Institute of Pet Grooming is another veritable alternative to receive high-level dog grooming training in the state. The school has a beautiful community of professional groomers and alumni.

Candidates may either enroll in the Assistant Pet Groomer course, lasting for 300 hours or the Master Pet Groomer course, lasting for 600 hours.

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Salary & Career Outlook

With an annual average salary of $58,883, dog groomers in New York boast yearly earnings that are 12% higher than the national average. Those who find themselves in the top 10% of earners can take home an average salary as high as $112,315 per year, while those who are among the lowest paid in the state still make around $30,871 per year on average.

Aspiring dog groomers who would like to work in the highest paying cities for the profession may consider Brooklyn, where dog groomers earn an annual average salary of $94,806.

Long Island, Queens, Washington, and Massapequa also fall in the top five highest-paying categories, with annual average salaries of $77,357, $75,186, $66,992, and $66,992, respectively.

Dog groomers in New York City earn an annual average salary of $58,883.