How to Become a Dog Groomer in Ohio

Dog groomers are professionals who know everything about optimizing a dog’s physical appearance and ensuring they are healthy and beautiful. The occupation is enjoying a strong demand and is projected to get even stronger in the upcoming decade.

If you are an aspiring dog groomer in Ohio looking for the best way to begin a career, you have come to the right page. Below, you’ll discover every vital detail you need to know, including the educational requirements, certification requirements, and salary projections.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Ohio

An aspiring dog groomer in Ohio may consider the approach below to start their career on the right path.

Step 1: Become Familiar with the Field

One of the few things aspiring dog groomers in Ohio should know about the field is that it can be a rewarding career but also physically demanding.

Individuals must also be very patient and have an affinity for dogs before they start their dog grooming journey.

Step 2: Enroll in a Training Program

Ohio has plenty of destinations to receive quality dog grooming education. We will look at a few of these below, but it is also worth mentioning that there are several possible arrangements for dog training education.

For instance, while some dog training programs belong to actual pet salons where students shadow professionals in the field, some are organized by community colleges and trade schools. Additionally, it is also possible for a dog grooming program to be managed online, with arrangements for real-world experience through externships.

Step 3: Hands-On Training

Receiving hands-on training as a dog groomer is essential. Even though there are a few theoretical subjects that candidates must become familiar with, most of the job involves practical applications.

For this reason, individuals must choose a program that focuses on classroom instructions and practical applications.

Candidates may consider the certification alternatives highlighted below before securing employment or starting their businesses.

Consider exploring trades with similar paths:

Licensure & Certification Requirements

Certification and licensure are not mandated by law in Ohio, meaning candidates who acquire a license only do so for professional benefits. And because there are indeed lots of benefits to be gotten from doing so, a great deal of successful dog groomers in Ohio are certified.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) is one of the most popular certifying bodies for dog groomers nationwide. To acquire this certification, candidates must attend workshops, pass an examination, and showcase their grooming skills.

Candidates who successfully pass their tests will be issued the title of National Certified Master Groomer. Those needing additional alternatives may also consider the credentials International Professional Groomers, Inc. offers.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Ohio

Below are some of Ohio’s top-class dog grooming schools for interested candidates to consider.

Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School

Medina, OH Campus Only

Diamond Cut Dog Grooming School offers open enrollment and weekend classes for candidates in the area interested in becoming dog groomers. Participants will be trained in a highly structured environment, working with friendly and experienced instructors.


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$2,500 - $2,875
  • (330) 239-1471

  • Email in Bio

Cleveland Grooming Academy

Broadview Heights, OH Campus Only

Cleveland Grooming Academy is one of the foremost destinations for high-quality dog grooming training in the state. The program has existed for about 6 years and involves a lot of hands-on training. Training lasts for 10 weeks and includes 300 hours of instruction.


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$4,500 - $6,400
  • (440) 382-1320

  • Email in Bio

Fuzzy Butts, LLC

Cincinnati, OH Campus Only

Fuzzy Buffs, LLC in Cincinnati offers a training program for pet owners looking to understand how to groom their pets better and individuals looking to kickstart a successful dog grooming career in the area.

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$51 - $231 per Session
  • (513) 906-7115


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Salary & Career Outlook

In Ohio, dog groomers take home an annual salary of $44,162. As a fresh dog groomer in the state just starting, your salary can be closer to $25,729 - the figure for the lowest-paid dog groomers in the state.

Ultimately, however, it is also possible to scale your earnings up to as high as $75,801, the annual average salary for the top dog groomers in Ohio.

Aspire dog groomers in Cleveland will also be glad to know that the city is the highest paying for dog groomers in the state, with an annual average salary of $74,604. This is followed by Grandview Heights, Westerville, and Dublin, Ohio, with average yearly salaries of $69,822, $49,615, and $48,615, respectively.

Dog groomers in Cincinnati earn an annual average salary of $46,439.