How to Become a Dog Groomer in Texas

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Dog groomers in Texas must possess several qualities to succeed in the field. These include having sufficient physical strength, a patient attitude, and a passion for working with dogs.

They must also go through a few general steps to receive the appropriate training, certification, and business skills required to start working in a professional capacity.

Aspiring dog groomers in the state will be glad to know that we have provided a comprehensive guide in this article detailing all of these critical aspects involved in launching a successful dog grooming career. Interested individuals will also discover the average salaries for dog groomers in Texas and the potential salary to look forward to as an entry-level worker in the field.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Texas

The following are the key considerations every aspiring dog groomer in Texas must make before they start their careers.

Enrolling in a Training Program

A dog groomer may possess an innate love for animals and a natural inclination to clean them and help them maintain an attractive appearance. However, to become a professional, they must enroll in a training program to develop their skills further.

Training programs also help individuals become familiar with the standard way of doing things across the industry. Lastly, those who attend training programs will also have an easier time becoming certified and attracting quality customers.

Acquiring Real-World Experience

Dog grooming schools may include apprenticeship arrangements that allow students to work with actual dogs instead of just focusing on theoretical principles alone. Candidates learn how to carry out various styling and cleaning techniques through such an arrangement.

The best programs will also train students to identify skin issues and devise the best grooming approach to deal with such circumstances.

Becoming Certified

Certification is not mandatory for a dog groomer in Texas. However, a great deal of professionals in the field choose to get certified for an array of reasons.

For one, certification helps them stand out and attract quality customers. Additionally, through accreditation, dog groomers network with other professionals and take advantage of numerous opportunities for career growth.

In the upcoming section, we look at the possible certification options for dog groomers in Texas.

Securing Employment

Lastly, candidates may secure employment after all of the above steps have been completed. Among the most common establishments to find a dog groomer in Texas include pet stores and salons, mobile grooming stations, and dedicated dog grooming parlors.

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Licensure & Certification Requirements

In Texas, dog groomers are not expected to receive an official state license before starting working. As mentioned above, they are not likely to obtain certification either. However, those who wish to anyway may consider going with either the National Dog Groomers Association of America or the International Professional Groomers, Inc.

The NDGAA holds workshops nationwide, and they are usually regarded as one of the most respected organizations for dog groomers nationwide. Employers value NDGAA certification, so there are enormous incentives for fresh dog groomers in Texas to go after this credential.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Texas

Below are a few top-quality destinations to receive training as an aspiring dog groomer in Texas.

Grooming Academy of Texas

The Grooming Academy of Texas offers diploma programs for future dog groomers and stylists. The school also offers a business program to teach candidates how to start a successful dog grooming business.

The Dog House Pet Salon Academy

The Houston Dog House Pet Salon Academy offers dog grooming training for interested individuals. As a project of an actual pet salon with more than 8,000 clients, students receive real real-world experience as they learn.

Texas All-Breed Grooming School

At the Texas All-Breed Grooming School in Arlington, candidates may start their career by participating in a 12-week comprehensive program by highly experienced staff.

Groomology Institute of Texas

Lastly, future dog groomers in Texas may also consider obtaining training from the Groomology Institute of Texas. The school offers three tiers of training, including grooming tech, pet grooming, and pet styling.

Salary & Career Outlook

In Texas, dog groomers earn an annual salary of $55,802, 6% above the national average. This figure can get as high as $110,585 - for those among the highest earners in the state.

Those who fall into the bottom 10% earn an annual average salary of around $28,159. Concerning the highest paying cities to be a dog groomer in Texas, they include McKinney, with an average annual wage of $76,561, Allen with an average yearly salary of $71,325, Dallas with an average annual wage of $70,708; Austin, with an average yearly salary of $69,689, and Cypress with an average annual wage of $55,993.

Dog groomers in Houston earn an annual average salary of $55,250.

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