How to Become a Dog Groomer in Wisconsin

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In Wisconsin, dog groomers perform various duties, including nail clipping, fur shaping, bathing, drying, and styling. These are advanced skills that must be acquired through a training program.

In the upcoming sections, individuals interested in pursuing a dog grooming career in Wisconsin will discover everything they need to know to get started. They will also become familiar with the optional certification, licensure, and compulsory educational requirements.

Lastly, as a bonus, candidates will also get a picture of their possible salary figures at various parts of their careers, including the starting point, mid-point, and later stages.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Wisconsin

Aspiring dog groomers in Wisconsin are advised to follow the steps below to start their careers correctly.

Acquire Necessary Training

Becoming a dog groomer in Wisconsin with and without formal training is possible. Those comfortable in a classroom setting prefer formal education, while those who don’t may consider simply working as an assistant to a certified dog groomer.

Candidates who choose the formal route may also choose online or offline. Ultimately, those who select the online option must still consolidate their theoretical teachings with real-world experience through an externship arrangement.

Receive Additional Practical Experience

Freshly graduated dog groomers often have to receive additional practical experience in a real-world environment to gain the confidence needed to perform their duties at a high level. Those who attended online training programs will require even more practical know-how.

Graduates who received their training in academies with affiliated pet salons typically get an opportunity to receive practical experience while learning. They may also enjoy a straightforward path to securing employment with the same establishments where they receive their training.

Obtain Certification

Becoming certified gives a dog groomer in Wisconsin additional leverage. It shows potential employers and customers that they can carry out their duties to a very high standard.

There are numerous nationally-recognized options for dog grooming certification across the country. We examine some of the notable alternatives in the next section.

Secure Employment

Having acquired professional credentials and real-world familiarity, Wisconsin dog groomers may secure employment in a pet salon or a dog grooming parlor.

Individuals may also choose to run their mobile pet grooming salons through which they will provide home services.

To run a pet grooming salon, it is imperative to receive regular state and local business licenses.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

Like most states, Wisconsin does not require a dog groomer to receive a state or local license. Their certification is handled by professional organizations such as the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), the International Professional Groomers, Inc., and the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG).

To receive certification from the NDGAA, candidates must participate in workshops and seminars and pass an examination, including written and practical aspects. Those who pass the exams will be awarded a Certified Dog Groomer credential.

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Salary and Job Outlook

Wisconsin dog groomers typically earn an annual salary of around $45,356 – on par with the national average. On the upper end of the earning scale are the top 10% earning an annual average salary of $82,595, while on the lower end are the bottom 10% earning an annual average salary of $25,211.

To increase their annual average salary, dog groomers in the state may work on their skills, credentials, location, and business structure. Experience also plays a key role in influencing how much a dog groomer will earn in the state.

As for location, New Berlin ($52,798), Madison ($52,396), and Milwaukee ($50,780) are the highest-paying cities for dog groomers in Wisconsin. They are followed by Kenosha and Sheboygan, with annual average salaries of $43,768 and $41,850, respectively.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Wisconsin

Below are some of the top dog grooming academies for aspiring individuals in Wisconsin to consider.

Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming

Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming offers various courses for prospective pet groomers in the state. The school is notable for producing successful graduates and providing job placement assistance.

Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College is an online training school offering candidates the opportunity to start their dog grooming careers by taking classes online. Of the 11 stages of training, 9 can be completed entirely online, with the last 2 fulfilled through local externships with professional pet groomers in the area.

Sage Pet Grooming Academy

Sage Pet Grooming Academy in Mazomanie is another top-quality pet grooming school in Wisconsin where students get to receive a combination of both theoretical and hands-on training. The program is open to all candidates regardless of prior experience.

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