How to Become a Veterinarian in Alabama

Veterinarians are to the world of animals what medical doctors are to humans. Both professions enjoy high prestige and require significant dedication from anyone pursuing a successful career.

Even though the steps involved in becoming a veterinarian in the United States are quite uniform across states, candidates must make a few additional considerations unique to specific states. You have come to the right page for anyone looking to understand these unique considerations in Alabama.

In the following sections, we lay all of these out in detail, starting with the basic requirements before moving on to other important steps in the process.

Steps to Become a Veterinarian in Alabama

Aspiring veterinarians in Alabama may follow the steps below to start their careers properly.

High School Preparation

Most colleges in Alabama expect aspiring veterinarians to have a 3.0 GPA in high school at the very least before they can secure admission into relevant programs. In addition, these candidates are also expected to maintain very high scores in their ACT or SAT examinations.

Passing through a Regular College Program

Veterinarians nationwide must pass through a regular college program before enrolling in a veterinary school. Enrolling in physical and biological science programs that prepare candidates in relevant areas of biology, physiology, microbiology, and chemistry usually pays.

Enrolling in an Accredited Veterinary Program

Attending an accredited veterinary program is perhaps the most important step to becoming a veterinarian in Alabama. Since there are only 33 veterinary programs in the country that are accredited by the AVMA, competition to secure admission is usually significant.

For this reason, it is important that candidates put themselves in the best possible position by having high scores and strong recommendations.

Not all veterinary schools require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree before securing admission. However, the majority will indeed ask for such a requirement.

Passing the NAVLE

One final requirement before or after graduating from a vet school is that candidates take and pass the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE).

Containing 360 multiple-choice questions, students often take this exam before they graduate so that they can have a chance to take it again if they fail to pass the first time.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

After completing all of the requirements above, aspiring veterinarians in Alabama must also register with the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners before starting to work professionally.

They must pay a $250 fee, including the application and examination costs. They will then have to participate in an open book jurisprudence examination, after which they will earn an official license valid for a year. To renew, they must participate in 20 hours of continuing education.

Anyone seeking a state veterinary license in Alabama must also provide proof of citizenship or alien status.

Top Veterinary Schools in Alabama

Candidates looking for the best accredited veterinary training programs in Alabama may consider the following options.

Auburn University - College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn, AL Online + Campus

Auburn University is the predominant destination for candidates in Alabama looking for comprehensive, accredited veterinary medicine training.

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$29,608 - $50,992
  • (334) 844-2685


Tuskegee University

Tuskegee, AL Online + Campus

As of the moment this article was published, Tuskegee University has probationary accreditation to offer veterinary medicine training for candidates in Alabama.

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$20,014 - $22,614
  • (800) 622-6531.


University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine

Knoxville, TN Online + Campus

While not in Alabama, the University of Tennessee's College of Veterinary Medicine offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program that can serve as an alternative for candidates in Alabama who don't want to attend Auburn University.

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$29,886 - $57,152
  • (865) 974-7354


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Salary & Career Outlook

A veterinarian in Alabama may earn an annual average salary of as high as $198,830 once they have made it to be among the top earners in the state. While starting, they may earn an annual average salary of around $82,663 (for the lowest earners in the state) or $128,202 (for the average earners in the state).

Some major determinants of the annual average salary of veterinarians in Alabama include location, credentials, specialization, establishment of employment, and experience.

Sorting by experience, vets in the state with more than 10 years’ worth of experience earn around $182,393.

Homewood and Hoover are the cities with the highest salaries for veterinarians in Alabama, with annual average salaries of $142,302 and $142,302. They are followed by Auburn, Tuskegee, and Montgomery, with annual average salaries of $141,196, $139,451, and $133,619, respectively.