How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Indiana

There are several reasons to consider a career as a veterinary assistant in Indiana. First, veterinary assistants in the state earn an average national salary that can compete with most places in the country. Secondly, the demand for professionals in the field continues to rise daily.

What’s more, starting a career as a vet assistant in Indiana is also straightforward, as there are no specific state mandates to worry about. If all of this sounds good and you’re wondering where to begin, you have come to the right page.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to kick-start your career as an aspiring veterinary assistant in Indiana, but do so the right way.

Steps to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Indiana

The following are the steps involved in becoming a veterinarian assistant in Indiana.

Step 1: Meet the Basic Requirements

The basic requirement for an aspiring veterinary assistant in Indiana is simple – have a high school diploma or provide a GED equivalent in its place. Some training programs may also have their own age and coursework requirements.

Step 2: Choose your Training Option

An aspiring veterinary assistant in Indiana can obtain training by working in an actual veterinary clinic or attending an academic program.

Those who enroll for training on the job learn everything they need to know about the occupation in actual veterinary establishments instead of classrooms. This arrangement can be particularly beneficial for those who want to see if they are comfortable working in a veterinary setting before fully committing to the profession.

On the other hand, obtaining training from an academic program can make it easier to secure employment. What’s more, those who attend a NAVTA-approved school will get the chance to earn a professional credential to consolidate their skills further.

Step 3: Consider Certification

Certification is another aspect of becoming a veterinary assistant in Indiana that is optional but can offer several benefits. For one, credentialed veterinary assistants can use their certification documents to showcase and confirm their expertise to potential employers. They can also use it as a springboard for continuing education and career advancement.

Step 4: Job Search & Career Advancement

At this point, aspiring veterinary assistants in Indiana may go on to put their resumes together and start applying for positions in veterinary clinics, animal shelters, research institutions, zoos, and other appropriate destinations.

They may also consider advancing their careers by joining professional organizations and networking with other state vet assistants, technicians, and veterinarians.

One such organization is the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association.

Top Veterinary Assistant Schools in Indiana

The following are a few beautiful destinations to receive academic training as an aspiring veterinary assistant in Indiana.

Penn Foster School

Scranton, PA Online Only

Those looking for a direct route to earning an Approved Veterinary Assistant credential from NAVTA can consider acquiring veterinary assistant training online through Penn Foster Career School. Even though it is flexible, the program is comprehensive.

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$799 - $1,089 per Program
  • (888) 427-6200


State Licensure & Certification Requirements

The state of Indiana has no certification or licensing requirements for veterinary assistants. Of course, those who wish to pursue professional certifications may do so anyway.

The most pertinent choice in this regard is the Approved Veterinary Assistant credential. NAVTA (National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America) offers this credential.

To qualify for the AVA exam, candidates must have finished a training program approved by NAVTA or acquire real-world experience working in veterinary establishments.

Salary and Career Outlook

The annual average salary for veterinary assistants in Indiana is $35,207. This figure can get as high as $48,735 for those in the top 10% and $25,434 for those in the bottom 10%.

In Indiana, experience and location greatly determine how much a veterinary assistant will take home yearly. For instance, veterinary assistants with less than one year of experience earn an annual salary of $33,357, while those with more than 10 years of experience earn an average yearly salary of $41,378.

As for the highest paying cities to be a veterinary assistant in Indiana, they include the following:

  • Carmel — with an annual average salary of $41,119,
  • Indianapolis — $39,740,
  • Westfield — $38,009,
  • Valparaiso — $37,627,
  • Greenwood — $35,454,
  • Fishers — $31,332,
  • West Lafayette — $30,227,
  • Plymouth — $29,374,
  • Martinsville — $28,197.