How to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Kansas

Veterinary assistants play key roles in a veterinary establishment, allowing veterinarians and technicians to thrive. All of these professionals complement each other perfectly, making it possible for owners and their pets to enjoy the care they do.

While starting a career as a veterinary assistant in Kansas, one of the most important things to consider is the educational path. From the start, a clear idea of what this entails simplifies the whole process considerably.

In the upcoming sections, we will explain the path required to become a vet assistant in Kansas and other important considerations such as licensure and certification. Candidates will also discover top vet assistant schools and possible salary figures to expect.

Steps to Become a Veterinary Assistant in Kansas

Veterinary assistants in Kansas typically begin their careers by following the steps below.

Preparatory Requirements

The basic requirements to become a veterinary assistant in Kansas are considered preparatory requirements because they are not mandated by law. Instead, they are preferences made by employers and training institutions.

They include having a high school diploma or GED, being physically fit, and cultivating some important transferable skills, which we will highlight further below.

Academic Training

Not all aspiring veterinary assistants have to receive academic training, with some choosing to acquire training on the job. However, this is still, without a doubt, the most popular option.

It is even more appealing because candidates can receive their training online without attending real-world classes. In an upcoming section, we explore some of Kansas’s most prominent destinations for receiving vet assistant training, including some NAVTA-accredited options.

Cultivate Important Skills

A veterinary assistant needs to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. They also need to be able to work as part of a team while having an affinity towards problem-solving in demanding circumstances.

While some training programs try to teach these skills, these are usually things that candidates also have to work on building on their own.

Seek Employment

Those who have completed all of the steps above may begin to seek employment by sending in their applications to pet clinics, emergency care facilities, and animal rescue facilities, among others. Candidates may also seek professional credentials by following the steps below.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Veterinary assistants in Kansas are not expected to become licensed or certified before they can start their careers. However, candidates will have a greater chance of success if certified.

Currently, the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America offers an approved veterinary assistant credential regarded as the best option for professionals to consider. The easiest way to acquire this certification is to attend a training program accredited by NAVTA.

Those who attended non-accredited programs will have to gain experience on the job before they can qualify. Those looking to specialize as laboratory animal caretakers may consider the credentials offered by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AAS).

Top Veterinary Assistant Schools in Kansas

Candidates looking for comprehensive training as future vet assistants in Kansas may consider the following training alternatives.

Colby Community College

Colby, KS Online + Campus

Colby Community College offers a certificate in veterinary assisting programs focusing mainly on administrative activities.

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$142 - $227 per Credit
  • (785) 460- 4690


Kansas City Community College

Kansas City, KS Online + Campus

Kansas City Community College also offers a veterinary assistant certificate program with a comprehensive curriculum and provisions for hands-on training

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$3,120 - $6,510
  • (913) 288-7600


#New Jersey
NAVTA Accredited Options

Somerset, NJ Online + Campus

Candidates insistent on receiving their veterinary assistant training from a NAVTA-accredited program may consider online alternatives.

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$999 – $3,299
  • (888) 996-2882


Explore nearby states for education and training:

Salary & Career Outlook

The annual average salary of a veterinary assistant in Kansas can fall between $26,115 to $52,048. This depends on whether they fall among the bottom 10% or the top 10%. Naturally, they can also fall among the middle point earners.

According to data revealed from a survey of vet assistants in the state, those who fall among the bottom 10% are the ones who take home the $26,115 figure, while those who fall among the top 10% take home $52,048. Those who fall among the average earners earn an annual salary of around $36,868.

For those looking to improve their average earnings, location is one of the factors that can be optimized. Ottawa (with an annual average salary of $40,427) and Lawrence (with an annual average salary of $39,066) are the places with the highest annual average salaries for veterinary assistants in Kansas.

They are followed by Leawood, with an annual average salary of $36,709; Lawrence, with an annual average salary of $36,511; and Lenexa, with an annual average salary of $36,419.