Online Dog Grooming Schools

online dog grooming schools

Dog groomers are professionals who are called upon to make dogs clean, fashionable, and attractive. They leverage several professional tools and equipment to achieve a level of grooming that regular dog owners typically can’t achieve on their own.

Although a dog groomer’s duties are mainly to improve a dog’s physical appearance, these professionals can also identify skin issues and ensure that our beloved furry friends are in great health.

Naturally, carrying out all of these duties requires receiving significant training. And while there are on-site salons and grooming schools where interested candidates can learn key concepts of dog grooming, only some have the luxury of such programs.

Thankfully, that is where online dog grooming programs come in.

The Need for Online Programs

Dog groomers are in high demand nowadays. According to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for these professionals will only grow in the next decade.

The need for dog groomers has seen more individuals rise to fill the positions. The challenge, however, is that while several individuals are interested in becoming dog groomers, more schools need to be close to make it easy for candidates to attend classes every day physically.

Thankfully, there are top-quality online training programs for future dog groomers that teach the core concepts of the job. Through these programs, candidates can acquire enough skills to secure real-world employment and continue to improve themselves.

Along with solving the proximity issue, online dog grooming programs also have several other benefits, including the convenience and flexibility they provide for candidates to learn at their own pace and not sacrifice any other commitment they may already have.

What to Look For in a Dog Grooming School

Even though a dog grooming program occurs online, it can operate well. The following are some of the most important criteria that candidates must always look out for when choosing a top-quality online dog grooming school.

  • Coursework - A strong online dog grooming program should be able to teach candidates all the key classroom topics they’d have to know. The comprehensiveness of the topic should be something that candidates check out before they officially apply. The best programs should teach grooming techniques and breed identification, breed behavior, skin disease identification, scissoring, trimming, and more.
  • Flexibility - One of the best parts of attending an online dog grooming school is that candidates enjoy flexibility in class time and how quickly they want to proceed. The best online dog grooming programs should provide candidates with this benefit.
  • Learning Tools & Resources - Top online dog grooming programs should offer students various learning tools and resources. These may include video tutorials, textbooks, assessment tools, and even tools for setting up businesses and mastering the marketing part of the job.
  • Hands-On Training - Lastly, even though not all online dog grooming programs may fulfill this requirement, it is usually a good sign of quality if an online dog grooming program can still make some provisions for students to receive hands-on training for real-world experience — particularly for those who are not too far away.

As we’ll see below, some programs, such as the one from ABC, even boast local partners that candidates can work with for hands-on training.

Online Dog Grooming Schools

The following are some of the most prominent online dog grooming schools available to candidates, regardless of their geographical locations and prior experience level.

Paragon Pet School

Paragon Pet School offers an online pet grooming program focusing heavily on dog grooming. The program boasts comprehensive courses designed and instructed by experienced, certified master groomers.

Among the program’s highlights is that candidates are assigned mentors who help them. The school also offers online groups and training resources that students can access during their training and after graduation.

Paragon Pet School’s online pet grooming program is perfect for candidates looking to start their careers or those already experienced but looking to acquire more advanced skills.

Candidates will need to purchase specific equipment and textbooks before they begin their training.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster is a popular online training destination for the veterinary and healthcare fields. The school offers an online pet and dog grooming program that is undoubtedly one of the best in the country.

Candidates who complete the program can work in various institutions, including veterinary clinics, pet stores, kennels, and human societies. They can also start their businesses if they please.

The program’s courses include learning materials such as virtual simulations, goal-setting tools, videos, and more.

The program is self-paced, meaning candidates can proceed at their own pace weekly. The focus is on dog and cat grooming, breed identification, animal anatomy and behavior, and grooming for sporting groups.

Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College is another prominent institution offering many highly rated online veterinary and healthcare programs. For aspiring dog groomers seeking an extra layer of convenience, the school offers an online dog grooming course with a strong curriculum and highly experienced instructors.

One of the biggest highlights of this program is that it also provides candidates with real-world experience through externships. The externship arrangement pairs students with a local mentor facility, where they will receive 150 hours of training on the job.

They will practice what they’ve been taught in the theoretical sessions. Topics include scissoring, trimming, and bathing techniques, among others.

Another appealing aspect of receiving dog grooming training through ABC’s online program is that candidates don’t just receive a certificate of completion. They will also be able to call themselves an ABC Certified Pet Groomer, a professional credential fast becoming popular among potential employers.

Professional Dog Grooming Academy

Professional Dog Grooming Academy has very popular off-campus training programs for dog groomers nationwide. However, candidates looking for convenience and flexibility can also apply for the school’s online program, which operates on an equally strong curriculum.

As one would expect, the program boasts certified master groomers who are willing to provide instructional materials, answer candidates’ questions, and provide mentorship opportunities to ensure their success in the field.

Candidates here can access various training resources like videos, quizzes, testing kits, and more. Upon graduation, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Topics of focus include trimming, scissoring, coat and fur grooming, and bathing techniques, among others. The program is also notable for its affordability, especially compared to other options or on-site alternatives.

American Grooming Academy

American Grooming Academy is another highly respected institution offering offline and online dog grooming programs. The online program, established in 2009, has produced successful dog groomers.

Graduates from this program can work in various roles, including grooming assisting, pet styling, mobile grooming, and management positions.

Certified master groomers created the program, and according to the website, it is suitable for all candidates regardless of whether or not they have some prior experience in the field.

Students can access online videos, practical technical evaluations, milestones, and online tests to gauge their progress. Graduates will receive certificates of completion and coaching support.

School of Healthcare

The School of Healthcare organizes a dog grooming program divided into five levels. No formal qualification is required to apply, and graduates will receive certificates of completion and professional support.

The program teaches key topics such as skin infections, breed identification, coat, nail, and hair grooming. Candidates are expected to have a good command of the English language before they apply.

Other requirements include basic computer skills and a minimum age of 15.

The program also includes a free dog first aid course for those interested in this field.

Prim Paws Grooming Academy

Prim Paws Grooming Academy’s online dog grooming program offers several benefits, including free certification and online tools and resources for candidates to estimate their progress.

In the first part of the course, an instructor will share their tools, including clippers, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, and grooming tables. Then, students will learn about dog anatomy and pre-assessment tips to understand, among other things, how dog coats behave and how to apply scientific grooming techniques.

Other topics include matting and tangles, bathing and drying, and clip with scissoring.

The course also includes a bonus video reviewing all the key topics and suggests additional learning material for more advanced skills.

Courseflix - Alison

Courseflix’s online training program on Allison offers aspiring dog groomers an opportunity. to start their careers with extensive training and hands-on options for those seeking real-world experience.

The diploma program starts with a general introduction to professional dog grooming so that students with experience in the field can understand the situation.

It then branches into key topics such as pre-grooming health checks, styling techniques, and how to stay calm and assertive. Students will also learn about the history of dog grooming, identifying infections, and managing a pet grooming business.

The program includes 15 total training hours.

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