How to Become a Dog Groomer in Arizona

Dog groomers in Arizona perform various duties, including discussing client specifications, reporting skin issues, and performing actual dog grooming activities.

For their rewards, they receive a very impressive salary and a straightforward path to begin their careers in the field with minimal oversight from the state.

However, just because the path is straightforward does not mean that candidates don’t have to prepare. Below, we examine some of the most important considerations that an aspiring dog groomer in Arizona must make to ensure success in the field.

Among other things, we discuss the licensure and certification requirements and some top training programs for interested individuals to consider.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Arizona

Below are some of the steps involved in starting a successful dog grooming career in the state of Arizona.

Step 1: Approved Education

Professional salons or strictly academic institutions can arrange training programs for aspiring dog groomers in Arizona. They may also take place online for additional flexibility or strictly offline.

Regardless of their arrangement and location, all dog grooming training programs in Arizona must be state-approved for their education to be valid.

Topics include dog styling, cleaning, bathing, and identifying skin issues. Ultimately, between 4 and 9 weeks of training should be enough for candidates to complete this step and move on to the next.

Step 2: Practical Experience

Here are a few reasons why dog groomers in Arizona may want to acquire more practical experience before securing employment. For one, while the best dog grooming training programs include working with actual dogs, developing the confidence to go out there and work as an independent dog groomer takes some time.

To acquire this confidence, candidates may choose to work as assistants to established dog groomers after completing their training programs.

Additionally, acquiring more practical experience ensures that candidates become used to working in a real-world environment instead of merely a practical training laboratory.

Step 3: Professional Credentials

As a dog groomer in Arizona, becoming certified is an important yet completely optional step. It is important because it offers many benefits, including opening the door for career advancement through networking with other professionals in the same organization or keeping up with advancements in the field thanks to access to resources and educational materials.

Dog groomers in Arizona have a couple of alternatives to becoming certified. We look at all of these options and their various requirements in the upcoming section.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

Arizona does not mandate dog groomers to obtain a license before they can start working professionally. As highlighted above, the state also does not mandate certification, but candidates choose to do so of their own accord, thanks to its benefits.

For those looking for the best certification options, one of the most popular alternatives is the certification offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA). This credential is valid anywhere in the country and is highly respected among employers and customers.

To become certified by the NDGAA, candidates must go through seminars and pass written exams along with a practical demonstration of their dog grooming skills.

Another organization of interest in this regard is the International Professional Groomers, Inc. The association also offers a respected credential and a straightforward path to certification.

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Salary and Job Outlook

An aspiring dog groomer in Arizona can look forward to an annual average salary of $57,684, which will put them among the mid-range earners in the state and slightly above the national average.

Those among the highest paid will earn an annual average salary of $97,111, while the lowest-paid dog groomers in Arizona still take home an average salary of $34,264 annually.

Along with experience and professional credentials, one of the factors that can influence how much a dog groomer will earn in Arizona is location. Queen Creek and Peoria are the two cities with the highest pay for dog groomers in the state. Dog groomers here earn an annual average salary of $100,867 and $66,432 respectively.

Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Glendale follow them with annual average salaries of $64,812, $64,220, and $61,027, respectively.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Arizona

The following are some of Arizona’s most notable destinations for top-class dog grooming training.

AZ Pet Grooming Academy

Glendale, AZ Campus Only

AZ Pet Grooming Academy is Arizona's premier dog grooming school, offering theoretical and practical application training for future dog groomers. Anyone can apply here regardless of their prior experience.

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It’s a Dog’s World

Phoenix, AZ Campus Only

Candidates may also consider It's a Dog's World grooming school in Phoenix for top-class training, including the opportunity to practice what they have been taught. The program boasts high-quality instructors and facilities.

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