How to Become a Dog Groomer in Colorado

Colorado dog groomers use state-of-the-art grooming techniques to optimize and beautify a dog’s physical appearance. And even though most pet owners would consider dog grooming a purely aesthetic concern, proper and consistent grooming also leads to a healthier dog.

As an aspiring dog groomer in Colorado, you first want to become familiar with the duties and work responsibilities of a dog groomer. Then, you want to acquire proper training from a respected salon or institution as quickly as possible.

The guide below explores how to achieve all of these best and most straightforwardly. It includes the key steps in becoming a dog groomer in Colorado, the possible licensure/certification requirements, and the top training programs to enroll in.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Colorado

Dog groomers in Colorado typically follow the steps below to start their careers.

Step 1: High School Diploma or GED

A high school diploma is mostly optional but mandatory in some other cases. For instance, certain training programs may ask applicants to submit their high school credentials. Employers may also ask for a diploma or its equivalent.

Step 2: Secure Admission into a Training Program

To secure admission into a dog grooming training program, candidates in Colorado must consider a few factors. The first is state approval.

It is important to obtain training only from a state-approved institution. Candidates must also consider the quality of training the institution offers and their graduate success rate.

Lastly, it is possible for some training programs to ask for a high school diploma or GED, so candidates must ensure that they have these documents ready.

Step 3: Graduate from a Training Program

During training, candidates will learn key topics such as styling and cleaning, dog breeds, and skin disease identification. They will also be able to practice what they have learned by working with actual dogs, ideally of different breeds.

Step 4: Further Hands-On Experience (Optional)

To consolidate the hands-on experience obtained during training, graduates may choose to work as an assistant to an experienced dog groomer before branching out independently. However, not all dog groomers go through this route.

Step 5: Certification

Certification for a dog groomer in Colorado is also optional. Still, it offers a range of benefits, including skills verification, access to professional resources, edge over competition, networking opportunities, and access to continuing education resources.

We look below at some of Colorado’s most popular certification alternatives and guidelines for dog groomers.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

There is no state agency responsible for licensing dog groomers in Delaware. Candidates only pursue certification thanks to the opportunities it affords them.

In this regard, the two most prominent credentials to consider are those offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the International Professional Groomers, Inc.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America allows membership from candidates in all states. To officially earn their Certified Dog Groomer credential, candidates must showcase their dog grooming skills in practical and written examinations.

The International Professional Groomers, Inc. also provides credentials only after graduates have passed the pertinent exams.

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Salary and Job Outlook

In Colorado, dog groomers earn an annual average salary of $46,740, which aligns with the national average. Moving higher on the salary spectrum, dog groomers in Colorado who are among the top 10% earn an annual average salary of $23,818.

Boulder is Colorado’s highest-paying city for dog groomers, with an annual average salary of $65,877. Fort Collins and Aurora follow this with an annual average salary of $65,603 and $64,719, respectively.

Dog groomers in Denver earn an annual salary of $64,535, consistent with the average figures for some popular capital cities in other states. Dog groomers in Centennial, Colorado, earn an annual average salary of $43,861.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Colorado

The following are some of the top dog grooming training programs for interested individuals in Colorado.

Colorado Grooming Academy

Broomfield, CO Campus Only

Colorado Grooming Academy is a highly respected training academy offering comprehensive training for future dog groomers in the state. The program can be completed in as little as 4 months and is open to anyone who would love to acquire the skill.

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Dogs Own Grooming School

Larimer, CO Campus Only

Dogs Own Grooming School in Loveland is another high-quality destination to receive training as an aspiring dog groomer in Colorado. The program offers flexibility through various courses, some of which can be completed in 300 or 600 hours.

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Animal Behavior College

Colorado Springs, CO Online Only

Candidates looking to receive their dog grooming training online may go for the program offered by Animal Behavior College. For the offline part of the program, the school has locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Centennial, and more.


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