How to Become a Dog Groomer in Delaware

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Dog groomers are trained professionals who help ensure that dogs are properly taken care of regarding their physical appearance and the health benefits that come from it. Even though many dog owners would consider themselves dog groomers to an extent, professionals in the field are trained in advanced grooming skills with comprehensive training in state-of-the-art methods, techniques, and equipment.

Naturally, to become a dog groomer in the state of Delaware, you will also have to receive the same level of training.

Thankfully, in the sections below, we have outlined every possible educational, licensure, and certification requirement that aspiring dog groomers must consider to start their careers on the best possible path.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Delaware

Interested individuals may consider the following steps to start their career in dog grooming.

Choosing Training Programs

There are different factors to consider when choosing a dog grooming training program in Delaware. For instance, numerous training arrangements range from small, independent salons to training programs offered by large salon chains and institutions.

Regardless of the desired choice, candidates must ensure that their training destination is state-approved and offers high training quality.

Some training programs also help with job placement, which is an additional benefit.

Completing Training Programs

Training programs in dog grooming typically last between a few weeks to a few months. This is considered enough time to learn the fundamentals.

However, even when they are done with training, candidates are expected to obtain real-world experience by working in actual salons as assistants. It should be noted that not all aspiring dog groomers in Delaware work as dog groomer assistants, but doing so greatly helps develop confidence before branching out.

Certification (Optional)

Another optional but important step in becoming a dog groomer in Delaware is to acquire certification. As you will see below, there are numerous alternatives to consider in this regard, but all of them perform the same function – to help verify the skills of a dog groomer.

Certification and professional credentials also increase the appeal of a dog groomer to potential employers and customers while helping them network with fellow professionals in the field.

Securing Employment

After graduating from a training program, acquiring real-world experience, and obtaining certification, candidates may compile their resumes and apply for open dog grooming positions.

Of course, interested candidates may also choose to start their own business by running a mobile salon or a home service without a brick-and-mortar shop.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

Like most other states, Delaware has no agency or institution regulating and setting licensing requirements for dog groomers.

To become certified, candidates may consider the credentials offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America or the International Professional Groomers, Inc.

Both associations offer well-respected credentials that are valid across the country. To obtain these credentials, candidates must demonstrate their dog grooming skills through a written and practical examination.

Individuals must register and obtain a state business license and a federal tax ID number to start a dog grooming business.

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Salary and Job Outlook

With an annual average salary of $46,485, dog groomers in Delaware earn the same as the national average. Naturally, this figure reflects the salary for the average earners in the state.

For those among the highest paid, the annual average salary is $74,881, while those among the lowest will still earn an annual average salary of $28,858.

The following are the annual average salary figures for some cities in Delaware:

  • Dover with an annual average salary of $52,118,
  • Wilmington, with an annual average salary of $47,934
  • Newark, Delaware, with an annual average salary of $46,860,
  • Rehoboth Beach with an annual average salary of $46,742, and
  • Lewes with an annual average salary of $39,631.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Delaware

Future dog groomers in Delaware may consider the following options for high-quality grooming training.

Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College offers online and offline dog grooming training in several states. The school has externship locations in Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Glasgow, Middletown, and more in Delaware.

By the time they complete the online and offline parts of the program, candidates will have received all the training they will need to secure employment and enjoy a successful career.

Camp Bow Wow

In Delaware, Camp Bow Wow offers an apprenticeship for aspiring dog groomers, providing hands-on training and mentorship from experienced professionals in a real-world grooming setting.

Penn Foster

Penn Foster is another online accredited school offering training in several animal-related fields. For pet groomers, the school offers extensive training and an opportunity to earn a pet grooming certificate before securing employment.

Candidates in Delaware will be able to receive hands-on training through attachment to grooming salons during their final years.

Canine Couture Expert Grooming

Canine Couture Expert Grooming is a distinguished grooming establishment in Delaware that could serve as a practical apprenticeship destination for individuals aiming to master the art of dog grooming. Trainees can expect to gain hands-on experience, refine grooming techniques, and receive guidance from expert groomers in an upscale and professional environment.

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