How to Become a Dog Groomer in New Jersey

Aspiring dog groomers in New Jersey will be glad to know that everything they need to understand to start their career journey can be found in the comprehensive guide below.

First, we provide an overview of the typical pathway that all dog groomers in the state follow to start a successful career before jumping into the possible licensure/certification considerations for an easier time securing employment.

To help candidates find the right location for top-class training, we have also provided a list of some of the state’s most prominent dog grooming schools and salons. Lastly, there is also a section dedicated to exploring the possible salary ranges that fresh dog groomers in New Jersey can look forward to while starting and how much they can earn during various career points.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in New Jersey

The following are the most prominent steps that all future dog groomers in New Jersey must pass through to begin their careers.

Step 1: Graduate High School

Not all dog groomers are high school graduates. Some have a GED equivalent, while others don’t need a basic education.

However, obtaining a high school diploma or GED can be important when securing admission and employment.

Step 2: Acquire Training

There are plenty of options for acquiring training to become a dog groomer in New Jersey. However, candidates may focus on a few factors, such as graduate success rate, quality of education, state approval, and job placement assistance, to choose one training program over another.

Step 3: Complete Training

Once they secure admission into a quality training program, candidates will be taught how to clean, style, and identify skin diseases in dogs of different breeds.

Once they graduate, they will receive a certificate and be able to secure employment.

Step 3: Acquire Hands-On Experience

Even though graduates of dog grooming training programs in New Jersey will be able to secure employment, it is advisable to spend some time acquiring real-world experience working with actual dogs before doing so.

In this case, working as a dog grooming assistant is possible, learning from established dog groomers in the state and developing the confidence to work independently before branching out to be independent.

Step 4: Maximizing Employment Opportunities

For an aspiring dog groomer in New Jersey, the final step after all of the above is to put together a resume and secure employment.

Candidates may also consider obtaining certification to make the employment-seeking process much easier. Below, we take a look at the possible certification alternatives for fresh dog groomers in the state of New Jersey.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

As mentioned above, certification is important for a dog groomer in New Jersey to impress employers and customers alike. However, it is not mandatory according to state laws.

Additionally, New Jersey does not have licensure requirements for dog groomers.

One popular alternative for candidates who want to become certified is the Certified Dog Groomer credential offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Another approach is to go for the credentials the International Professional Groomers, Inc. offers.

In both cases, candidates must register, become an association member, and pass the appropriate examinations to be officially licensed.

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Salary and Job Outlook

The annual average salary for a dog groomer in New Jersey is $52,024. This figure is appropriate for those who are optimizing their experience and other factors that can influence how much a dog groomer will earn in the state.

For those among the top 10% of earners in the state, the annual average salary becomes closer to $87,742, while for those who fall in the bottom 10%, the annual average salary is $30,856.

Location is one of the factors that can be optimized to earn a higher annual average salary as a dog groomer in New Jersey. For instance, while dog groomers in Clifton earn an annual average salary of $66,129, dogs in Jersey City and West Long Beach earn an annual average salary of $62,704 and $60,050, respectively.

Dog groomers in Newark earn an annual average salary of $41,508.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in New Jersey

The following are some of the most notable dog training academies in New Jersey.

#New Jersey
The New Jersey Dog Grooming Academy

Boonton, NJ Campus Only

The New Jersey Dog Grooming Academy is the premier dog grooming training destination in New Jersey. The program has produced a lot of successful dog groomers and continues to do so.

Read more
Call for Details
  • (973)-335-0023


#New Jersey
Clip Shoppe School of Dog Grooming

Passaic, NJ Campus Only

Clip Shoppe School of Dog Grooming is on Route 23 South, Newfoundland. The state-licensed school boasts a professional certification program taught by highly experienced professionals.

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$7,225 - $8,235
  • (973) 697-3008


#New Jersey
NJ Dog Grooming School

Boonton, NJ Campus Only

NJ Dog Grooming School in Hamilton is another top-quality destination to receive training as an aspiring dog groomer in New Jersey. The school offers rigorous training that can be completed in only 10 weeks.

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$7,400 - $7,900
  • (609) 249-4949


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