How to Become a Dog Groomer in Massachusetts

To become a successful dog groomer in Massachusetts, candidates must learn what the field entails and get a clear picture of the steps involved in the process.

Only after this can they embark upon the journey and start their careers on the right path. The following sections aim to simplify the entire process by providing a clear picture of all the key prerequisites of becoming a dog groomer in Massachusetts.

As a bonus, we will also explore the salary projections that fresh dog groomers in the state can look forward to and how they can maximize their earnings. Those looking for the best training program to enroll in will also find a concise list containing some of the most notable options to consider.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Massachusetts

The following are the crucial steps in beginning a successful dog grooming career in Massachusetts.

Step 1: Enrolling in an Approved Training Program

Aspiring dog groomers must enroll in a training program as the first step in their journey. In their respective training academies, they will learn the theoretical principles behind dog grooming and practice what they have been taught by grooming actual dogs in the facility.

Training for future dog groomers takes a few weeks, after which graduates will earn a certificate and be free to pursue employment.

Step 2: Graduating & Acquiring Real-World Experience

Even though future dog groomers in Massachusetts can start their careers once they complete a training program, many will only be comfortable on the job once they receive additional real-world practice.

To do so, candidates often participate in an externship program or secure employment as a dog groomer in training. There, they get a feel for how it is to work as a dog groomer in an actual salon before pursuing full-time employment or starting their own business.

Step 3: Considering Certification

In Massachusetts (as in most other states), certification for a dog groomer is completely optional. Still, despite this, it is very hard to find a dog groomer in the state who needs professional credentials.

By becoming a certified dog groomer, candidates effectively give themselves an edge, or at least ensure that they stay caught up with other certified dog groomers when it comes to getting customers and securing employment.

Certification can also help with career advancement opportunities.

The next section details the country’s most prominent certification organizations and how to earn relevant credentials with them.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

To obtain certification and membership in a professional organization, dog groomers in Massachusetts must first identify the best alternatives for them. Currently, the most popular option among professionals in the field is to go with the credentials offered by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Here, they will participate in seminars and workshops and take written and practical exams to demonstrate their grooming skills. Completing these steps will see them receive their Certified Dog Groomer credential.

Candidates needing additional alternatives may also consider the credentials offered by the International Professional Groomers Inc. and the National Association of Professional Pet Groomers, both created to educate and accredit competent pet groomers in the country.

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Salary and Job Outlook

As a dog groomer in Massachusetts, you may look forward to an annual average salary of $50,376. This assumes that once you secure employment, you fall into the state’s mid-range of dog grooming income earners.

If you fall among the top 10%, your annual average salary should be around $84,996. Those who fall among the bottom 10% will earn an annual average salary of $29,858.

In Massachusetts, factors like experience and the company of employment tend to greatly influence how much you will earn as a dog groomer. Location is another factor that cannot be overestimated.

For instance, while dog groomers in Brookline and Westwood earn an annual average salary of $89,246 and $74,474, respectively, dog groomers in Beverly, Acushnet, and Waltham earn annual average salaries of $64,384, $63,538, and $59,497 respectively.

Dog groomers in Boston earn an annual average salary of $51,258.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Massachusetts

Prospective dog groomers in and around Massachusetts may look forward to the schools above for high-quality education.

Mass Academy of Canine

Mass Academy of Canine offers dog-related services, including dog training, dog grooming, and dog grooming training for aspiring professionals in the area.

MJ’s Pet Training Academy

MJ’s Pet Training Academy offers a valuable apprenticeship program for aspiring dog groomers, providing hands-on experience and expert training under the mentorship of seasoned professionals in Massachusetts.

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