How to Become a Dog Groomer in Kentucky

Becoming a dog groomer in Kentucky involves pursuing relevant educational courses, gaining practical experience, pursuing relevant professional credentials, and securing employment in an appropriate establishment.

Compared to many other occupations, the steps involved in starting a dog grooming career in Kentucky are very straightforward. For instance, the educational aspects of the journey can be completed in only a few weeks.

To help interested candidates start on the right path, we have provided the guide below containing all the key considerations to make, including the licensure and certification options, the possible salary, and some of the top training academies to consider applying for.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Kentucky

The following are the most important steps to consider in launching a dog grooming career in Kentucky.

Step 1: Securing Admission into a Training Program

Securing admission into a training program is the first step to becoming a dog groomer in Kentucky. Candidates may either enroll in a formal training program organized by pet salons and training academies or acquire training on the job.

Online and hybrid training programs also combine classroom instructions and real-world externships.

Step 2: Graduating from a Training Program

During a dog grooming training program, students will learn the critical concepts behind dog hygiene. They will also learn about identifying and handling dog breeds and how to recognize various skin diseases.

To graduate, candidates often have to receive training for a few weeks. Once they’re done, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Step 3: Real-World Familiarity (Optional)

To consolidate theoretical knowledge, aspiring dog groomers may work as assistants to dog groomers. Those who receive on-the-job training may not have to go through this step.

Step 4: Certification (Optional)

Just like additional real-world familiarity, certification for a prospective dog groomer in Kentucky is optional but important.

It allows professionals to stand out and verify their skills and helps them advance their careers through networking and educational resources.

The next section highlights some of the most prominent certification organizations for dog groomers in Kentucky and the steps involved in their certification process.

Step 4: Employment or Business Ownership

A dog groomer in Kentucky who has completed the above steps can work in a dog grooming salon or a pet store that offers dog grooming services. They may also start their brick-and-mortar salon or provide home services.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

To become certified as a dog groomer in Kentucky, candidates must join a professional organization, attend seminars and workshops online and offline, pass a written exam, and demonstrate their dog grooming skills through practical applications.

Some popular professional organizations offering highly respected credentials include the National Dog Groomers Association of America, the International Professional Groomers, Inc., and the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers.

As for state licensing, freshly graduated dog groomers in Kentucky will be glad to know that the state only mandates them to obtain a license before they can practice legally and professionally.

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Salary and Job Outlook

The annual average salary for a dog groomer in Kentucky is $42,573. For those among the top 10% in the state, their average annual salary figure is closer to $70,848. Those who fall into the bottom 10% earn an annual average salary of $25,852.

To improve their standing regarding annual average salary, dog groomers in Kentucky may optimize factors such as experience, location, business structure, and certification.

Concerning location, Lexington is the highest-paying city for dog groomers in Kentucky, with an annual average salary of $48,978. La Grange, Louisville, and Glasgow follow with annual average salaries of $47,744, $42,602, and $42,422 respectively.

Highland Heights is Kentucky’s fifth highest-paying city for dog groomers, with an annual average salary of $38,342.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Kentucky

Some of Kentucky’s most notable dog grooming schools and academies are the following.

Nash Academy

Lexington, KY Online + Campus

Nash Academy is a dog grooming training school in Lexington, Kentucky, where students learn various dog grooming skills, including bathing, grooming, and styling. The school also offers cat grooming courses for interested candidates. Nash Academy has a high graduate success rate.

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$240 - $6,360
  • (888) 491-2064


Murray Dog Grooming School

Murray, KY Campus Only

Murray Dog Grooming School is another top-quality dog grooming school in Kentucky. Located in Murray, the school is open to interested applicants all over the area and boasts highly qualified and experienced dog groomers as instructors.

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Animal Behavior College

Louisville, KY Online Only

Lastly, aspiring dog groomers in Kentucky looking for an online/hybrid option may consider enrolling in the dog grooming program offered by Animal Behavior College. The program allows candidates to complete 80% of their training online, with the remaining 20% having to do with real-world experience through externships.


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$899 - $5,630
  • (800) 795-3294

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