How to Become a Dog Groomer in Missouri

Training to become a dog groomer in Missouri takes little time, as most academies can complete their entire curriculum in only a few weeks and a few months for the most extensive programs.

To make the journey even more straightforward and smooth, candidates must learn about the process before beginning the journey. Thankfully, that is exactly what we explore in the upcoming sections below.

Before you finish the article, you will have become familiar with the steps involved in becoming a dog groomer in Missouri, the licensure and certification requirements, top training programs in the state, and the salary protections to look forward to.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Missouri

Below are the steps to starting a career as a dog groomer in Missouri.

Graduating from a Training Program

Many state-approved training schools and academies exist for aspiring dog groomers in Missouri. These programs typically take weeks to complete.

Individuals may opt to receive their training in academies where they will also have the opportunity to work with dogs of different breeds. They will learn several dog grooming principles, hygiene requirements, dog cleaning, bathing, and how to identify skin issues in dogs of all breeds.

Dog grooming programs may take place online or strictly in an offline location. There are also hybrid options like the ones the Animal Behavior College offers.

Practical Experience

After graduating from a training program, aspiring dog groomers may receive even more practical experience through externships. Others may consider assisting dog groomers in a functional pet salon.

Becoming Certified

Even though it is a completely optional step, there are numerous reasons to consider becoming certified as a dog groomer in Missouri. Apart from the fact that employers simply love working with certified dog groomers, obtaining professional credentials also gives candidates the confidence that they have acquired all the skills they will need to do their jobs and excel at them.

Furthermore, to become certified, dog groomers must become members of professional organizations, allowing them to meet and network with other professionals in the same organization who may have achieved more in the field than they have.

Below, we examine some of the most popular certification options for dog groomers in Missouri.

Securing Employment

Lastly, future dog groomers in Missouri who have completed all the steps above can go on to secure employment. Some possible destinations include dog grooming parlors, pet stores, and salons.

State Licensing and Certification Requirements

Certification is next important since no laws require dog groomers in Missouri to acquire a license. As mentioned above, even though certification is not mandatory, it is nonetheless very important.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America is one of the premier destinations for dog groomers to receive nationally recognized professional credentials. The association offers a Certified Dog Groomer credential that can be obtained by passing a written and demonstrative exam.

The International Professional Groomers Inc. is another nationally recognized option with a similar process.

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Salary and Job Outlook

In Missouri, dog groomers earn an annual salary of $47,405, the same as the national average. They can earn even higher at an annual average salary of $74,604 if they successfully climb up to being among the top 10% earners in the state.

For those among the bottom 10%, the annual average salary is usually closer to around $30,123. Experience and the employment company greatly influence how much a dog groomer will earn in Missouri. Location is another important factor.

Chesterfield (with an annual salary of $62,491) and Creve Coeur (with an annual average salary of $61,246) are the highest-paying cities to be a pet groomer in Missouri.

The top five also include Saint Louis (with an annual average salary of $58,829), Springfield (with an annual average salary of $56,833), and Kansas City (with an annual average salary of $52,985).

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Missouri

Below are some of Missouri’s most notable pet and dog grooming schools.

The Academy of Pet Careers

Saint Charles, MO Online + Campus

The Academy of Pet Careers in Saint Charles has been a popular and well-reviewed pet grooming academy for over 30 years. Candidates can count on this school for high-quality dog grooming training in Missouri.


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$19,090 - $20,000
  • (636) 778-4989

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Animal Behavior College

Kansas City, MO Online Only

Future dog groomers in Missouri looking for an online and hybrid alternative may consider applying for the program offered by Animal Behavior College. The program allows most of the training online, with the hands-on experience section in local dog grooming salons.


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$899 - $5,630
  • (800) 795-3294

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Jan's Grooming and School

Springfield, MO Campus Only

Jan's Grooming and School in Missouri, led by Jan Rook with over six decades of experience, offers a hands-on grooming program designed to teach, build skills, and help students establish a clientele in the grooming industry.

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