How to Become a Dog Groomer in Mississippi

No matter their specialty area or work environment, aspiring dog groomers in Mississippi must choose a top-class destination to receive a general introduction to the field. What’s more, a few other steps can help candidates have an enjoyable time starting their careers and enjoy career growth opportunities once they secure employment.

If you are an aspiring dog groomer in Mississippi, you will be glad that the sections below highlight these steps in incredible detail. Among other things, we explore the basic prerequisites to secure admission into a training program, the education requirements, and some of Mississippi’s most notable dog grooming programs.

Lastly, we also explore a few factors that can determine the annual average salary of a dog groomer in Mississippi and what the yearly earnings figures might look like based on these factors.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Mississippi

Below are some of the most important considerations for starting a dog grooming career in Mississippi.

Dog Grooming Training

Dog grooming training is the most important part of becoming a dog groomer. It is also the first major consideration. While some training programs ask for a high school diploma or GED, some still need to have basic educational requirements.

The following are the most common options for individuals seeking comprehensive dog grooming training in Mississippi.

Hands-On Training

Hands-on training is the most popular approach to acquiring the skills needed to become a dog groomer. Such training arrangements typically include a few days of fundamental training in theoretical topics before candidates start to work with actual dogs.

They usually perform basic grooming activities before moving on to more advanced ones.

Dog Grooming Assistant

Instead of attending an official training program, it is also possible for an individual in Mississippi to become a dog groomer by working under a certified dog groomer as an assistant. This way, candidates get to learn everything they need to know by watching and taking charge once in a while.

Online Training

Anyone looking for a more flexible approach to acquiring dog grooming training may consider applying for online programs. Some online training programs also provide hands-on training by partnering with local dog grooming parlors.

Certification, Job Placement & Starting a Business

Fresh dog groomers in Mississippi can be certified after they start working. However, certified professionals enjoy more career growth opportunities than non-certified professionals.

Even those who start their businesses benefit strongly from becoming certified. The next section explores the steps needed to become a certified dog groomer in Mississippi.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Mississippi remains among the states where dog groomers don’t need to obtain a license or register with any local regulatory body to start their professional careers. Even certification is optional.

However, as noted earlier, certification offers several professional opportunities that make it an appealing path to many. For example, the National Dog Groomers Association of America offers several nationally recognized credentials that set dog groomers apart.

Other notable organizations offering respected credentials include the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC) and the International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG).

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Mississippi

The following are among the best dog grooming training programs in Mississippi.

ARKs Pet Academy & Resort

Flora, MS Campus Only

ARKS Pet Academy & Resort offers a dog grooming program for interested candidates in the area. The academy is also a functional salon, meaning students can receive hands-on training in a real-world environment.


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Canine Country Club, Inc.

Hattiesburg, MS Campus Only

Based in Hattiesburg, Canine Country Club, Inc. offers a dog grooming training program that has produced successful graduates in the field. All instructors here are certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

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Salary & Career Outlook

Dog groomers in Mississippi take home an annual average salary of $41,441 if they are among the average earners in the state. Their annual returns may be as high as $60,888 if they are among the highest-paid top 10% in the state or as low as $28,205 if they are among the lowest-paid bottom 10%.

The factors influencing a dog groomer’s position in the salary spectrum include experience, location, and specialty areas.

In Mississippi, Hattiesburg is where dog groomers take home the highest average salary at the end of the year. The figure for these professionals was revealed by a survey to be around $38,747 yearly.

Other notable destinations were Jackson, where dog groomers earn an average salary of $35,705 at the end of each year, and Biloxi, with an annual average salary of $33,898.