How to Become a Dog Groomer in Oregon

The qualifications needed to become a dog groomer in Oregon are quite straightforward, especially compared to other notable careers in animal science and veterinary medicine. Of course, this doesn’t mean that candidates don’t have to prepare as comprehensively as possible.

This is one of the very reasons we have provided the detailed guide below, highlighting all the major considerations that a candidate in Oregon must make to start their dog grooming career on the best possible path. Readers of this page will have an edge over the competition thanks to their understanding of the major requirements before they even begin their careers – which typically will help them handle challenges much better.

Those searching for notable dog grooming training programs in the state and those who would like to know the possible salary projection at different points of their careers will also find the answers to their questions here.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Oregon

Aspiring dog groomers in Oregon are expected to follow the steps below to start their careers.

High School Diploma or GED

The first step in a smooth and successful journey to becoming a top groomer in Oregon is to have a high school diploma or GED. This makes the journey smooth because it is possible for training programs and even employers to request a high school transcript or GED.

Candidates who already meet this requirement find it easier to complete the steps than those who don’t.

Dog Grooming Education

Dog grooming education can be obtained through various arrangements and schools around the state. The following are a few options for candidates to consider:

Classroom Instructions

Even though the duties of a dog groomer are quite hands-on, it is very important that candidates first understand the theories behind what they’re doing. Many of these are taught in a classroom-like environment or through carefully outlined learning materials.

Candidates may also choose online training programs for the classroom instruction aspect of their training.

Real-World Practice

Instead of learning through theoretical resources or along with it, candidates may throw themselves into an actual dog grooming environment and learn their duties “on the job.”

They may do so by visiting dog grooming salons and asking for open learning positions or by working with online training programs that partner with local grooming salons to provide hands-on training placements for students.

In an upcoming section, we highlight some notable dog grooming programs for candidates to consider.

Certification & Job Placement

The ultimate aim of any dog grooming program is to produce candidates who will be able to secure job placement or start their businesses. To make this process easier, candidates may consider earning professional certification.

The next section explores this step in more detail.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Becoming a certified dog groomer in Oregon typically involves completing a training program, a specific training module pertinent to the credential in sight, and passing a professional examination.

Typically, the examination tests a candidate’s knowledge of dog grooming theories and includes some practical tests.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA)’s Certified Master Groomer (CMG) credential is one example that follows this approach.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Oregon

Future dog groomers in Oregon may consider the entries below for top-quality training.

West Coast Grooming Academy

Arcadia, CA Online + Campus

West Coast Grooming Academy offers a comprehensive dog grooming training program through which candidates in Oregon can learn key topics in the field.

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$7,000 - $7,500 per Course
  • (424) 385-9845


Dogs Dig It

Portland, OR Campus Only

Dogs Dig It is another prominent dog grooming training destination in Oregon.

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  • (503) 360-3516


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Salary & Career Outlook

While dog groomers in Oregon can earn an annual average salary of as high as $85,369 at the end of the year, this figure only pertains to those fortunate enough to make it among the top 10% in the state. Those on the bottom end of the salary spectrum (at the lowest 10%) take home an annual average salary of $28,530.

The most common, however, are dog groomers in the midpoint, taking home an average salary of around $49,352 at the end of each year.

Those who want to increase their annual average returns may consider optimizing their specialty, credentials, and location.

Currently, dog groomers in Portland take home the highest annual average salary in the state, with a figure hovering at around $59,035. They are followed by dog groomers in Sherwood, who take home an annual average salary of $55,611, and those in Bend, taking home an annual average salary of $54,634.