How to Become a Dog Groomer in Pennsylvania

Preparation is critical on the journey to becoming a dog groomer in Pennsylvania. As with every other occupation, things can get overwhelming along the way, leading candidates to give up before they get to their destination.

However, understanding what is expected along the journey ensures that candidates aren’t surprised and can deal with challenges as they arise. For this reason, aspiring dog groomers in Pennsylvania will be glad to know that we have provided an in-depth article below containing everything they need to know to prepare themselves for the journey ahead.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Pennsylvania

Future dog groomers in Pennsylvania must pay attention to the following considerations before starting their careers.

Physical & Basic Qualities

Before starting a dog grooming career, developing the basic qualities needed to succeed in the field is essential. Along with having sufficient stamina, candidates must be able to maintain a patient attitude with dogs.

This is usually easier for those who already have an affinity for working with pets.

Additionally, individuals who would like to consider a dog grooming career in Pennsylvania must also possess a sound knowledge of dog breeds and demeanor.

Choosing a Training Program

There are no basic educational requirements to start a dog grooming career in Pennsylvania. However, even though no official rule says that they should attend training, there are benefits to be gotten from doing so.

For this reason, most successful dog groomers in the state complete dog grooming training and acquire proper education. These programs teach skills such as nail trims, fur cuts, styling, and bathing. Candidates will also learn about breed history, safety, and grooming standards.

Obtaining Practical Experience

Learning about dog breed history and grooming standards is alright. Still, to secure employment and carry out their duties at the highest level, dog groomers must also obtain practical experience in a real-world environment.

Luckily, most worthwhile training programs incorporate such training into their curriculum.

Securing Employment

Lastly, after completing training, candidates may go on to secure employment. Typically, dog groomers work at dog grooming parlors, pet salons, and even mobile grooming stations.

Of course, those who wish to do so may also branch out independently and start their own business.

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Licensure & Certification Requirements

Aspiring dog groomers in Pennsylvania will be glad to know that the state mandates no official licensing or certification requirements. However, just as with education, certification offers many benefits that transcend legal obligations.

For instance, a lot of employers simply love hiring professionals with credentials. Additionally, certification organizations offer opportunities for continuing education and networking.

The most popular alternatives for dog groomers needing certification include the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the International Professional Groomers, Inc.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Pennsylvania

The following are some of Pennsylvania’s most prominent dog grooming schools operating at high educational standards.

Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania

Bucks, PA Campus Only

The Dog Grooming School of Pennsylvania is undoubtedly one of the state's most popular dog grooming schools. Licensed by the Department of Education, the school is located in Yardley, only 20 minutes from Philadelphia.


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$6,463 - $6,990
  • (215) 752-1111

  • Email in Bio

Just Four Paws Academy of Styling

Erie, PA Campus Only

Paws and Claws Salon offers a training program for future dog groomers in Pennsylvania called the Just Four Paws Academy of Styling. Along with classroom training, program participants will also receive hands-on training in actual salons and a diploma.

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$4,890 - $8,800
  • (814) 969-0818


The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming

Pittsburgh, PA Campus Only

The Pampered Pet School of Dog Grooming in Pittsburgh has operated since 1966. The school offers hands-on dog grooming training, leveraging various training methods, including video, classroom, and bookwork.

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$3,200 - $8,000
  • (412) 881-4744

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Salary & Career Outlook

An aspiring dog groomer in Pennsylvania may look forward to starting with an annual average salary of $22,790. This figure was revealed to be the yearly average wage of the lowest-paid dog groomers in the state.

Naturally, the figure will grow as time passes, with the state’s overall average salary of $41,265. Pennsylvania’s highest-paid dog groomers earn as high as $74,716 in average annual wage.

Chadds Ford, Philadelphia, and Lancaster are Pennsylvania’s highest-paying cities for dog groomers. They earn an annual average salary of $61,884, $54,098, and $52,361, respectively.

Allentown and Pittsburgh follow them with annual average salaries of $45,561 and $44,063 respectively.