How to Become a Veterinary Technician in Oregon

Veterinary technicians in Oregon enjoy an average annual salary of as high as $62,233. As impressive as this is, individuals interested in pursuing this career in the state will be glad to know this is not the only benefit professionals in the field enjoy.

They also work as part of a veterinary team, save pet and animal lives, and take advantage of career growth opportunities. Anyone looking to become a veterinary technician in the state will be glad that the guide below contains all the major considerations they must know.

Among other things, we highlight the educational requirements, top programs in the state, and salary projections.

Steps to Become a Veterinary Technician in Oregon

Aspiring veterinary technicians must consider all the following to start their careers successfully.

Attending an Accredited Program

All veterinary technicians must attend a training program to acquire the skills needed for employment. While there are several opportunities for such training in Oregon, they would be meaningless without having accreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (AVMA - CVTEA).

Below, we will explore prominent, accredited options for candidates to consider.

Most accredited training programs for veterinary technicians can be completed between 2 - 4 years. They include topics in surgical assisting and emergency care, among others.

Passing the VTNE

After completing a training program, the next step to become a vet tech in Oregon is to pass a national examination known as the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Examination).

This exam is compulsory for vet techs in most states, and candidates must have graduated from an accredited program to qualify.

It can be completed in 3 hours and incurs an application fee of $330.

Becoming an Employed Veterinary Technician

Naturally, all of the steps involved in becoming a veterinary technician in Oregon are there to help candidates ultimately become employed. Some popular veterinary technicians in the state who are known to hire vet techs include VCA SE Portland Animal Hospital, Willamette Humane Society, and Crater Animal Clinic in Central Point, among others.

Before employment, however, candidates must become licensed by meeting the requirements


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Licensure and Certification Requirements

All veterinary technicians in Oregon must be licensed by the Oregon Veterinary Medical Examiner Board. The board expects candidates to have graduated from an accredited training program and passed their VTNE before applying. However, it also makes special provisions for those who have obtained some level of experience on the job.

Oregon is also among the states where veterinary technicians must pass a state jurisprudence exam before being licensed. This exam contains 25 questions.

After licensure, candidates can consider joining a professional organization for more career opportunities. The Oregon Veterinary Technician and Assistant Association (OVTAA) and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) are prominent options.

Top Veterinary Technician Schools in Oregon

Oregon’s best places to receive comprehensive vet tech training are the following.

Central Oregon Community College

Bend, OR Online + Campus

Central Oregon Community College offers an accredited training program for aspiring veterinary technicians in this state. The program contains 105 credits that can be completed in two years.

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$121 - $357 per Credit
  • (541) 383-7500


Portland Community College

Portland , OR Online + Campus

Portland Community College is another institution offering an accredited veterinary technology training program. Consisting of 95 credits, the program had an incredible VTNE first-time pass rate of 97% between 2019 and 2022.

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$1,740 - $3,480
  • (971) 217-7817


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Salary & Career Outlook

As mentioned earlier, the average annual salary of a veterinary technician in Oregon can be as high as $62,233. However, this is not a realistic figure to expect for candidates who are just starting their careers.

Those in this category may look forward to an annual average salary between $37,686$48,429. The lower figure of $37,686 belongs to those among the bottom 10% of veterinary technicians in the state by salary. In comparison, the higher figure of $48,429 belongs to those who are among the average earners.

As for the most notable locations to practice as a veterinary technician in Oregon, they include Springfield, with an annual average salary of $59,776, Portland with an annual average salary of $50,056; and Lake Oswego, with an annual average salary of $49,450.

Beaverton and Bend are among the highest-paying locations, with annual average salaries of $44,319 and $44,211, respectively.