How to Become a Dog Groomer in Arkansas

Arkansas, like most states in the country, has no stringent requirements for aspiring dog groomers. Formal education is optional to start a career in this growing field.

However, candidates can set themselves apart from the competition by following a few steps that, while not necessarily mandatory, offer incredible professional opportunities along the road. We aim to help future dog groomers in the state start their careers as strongly as possible by providing the comprehensive guide below.

Here, we look at various important considerations that provide the abovementioned advantage, including education and certification possibilities. Interested candidates will also discover some schools offering high-quality dog grooming training in Arkansas and the salary range they can expect to fall into based on a few determining factors.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in Arkansas

Below are the steps needed to start a successful career as a dog groomer in Arkansas.

Step 1: Preparatory Steps

To prepare for their dog grooming careers, candidates may start working with various breeds of dogs to develop some form of familiarity. They may also start preparing documents such as their high school transcripts, diploma, or GED, which makes admission easier.

Step 2: Dog Grooming Training

The essence of dog grooming training in Arkansas is to teach students all the relevant skills and fundamental principles they need to know to start their careers so they can keep improving on the job.

Typically, this kind of training can be acquired in different ways, including the following:

Online Training

Anyone who wants to learn dog grooming while retaining some flexibility to focus on prior commitments may receive their training online. Thankfully, there are several incredible destinations in Arkansas offering such training.

Real-World Training

Instead of attending an online program, candidates can start their career “on the job.” Some salons offer official training programs where candidates get to spend some weeks learning the theory before watching how dog grooming occurs worldwide.

Then, as time goes by, they start taking up more hands-on roles and become full-fledged dog groomers by the time they finish the program.

Hybrid Training

While some programs conduct their training entirely online, some also provide provisions for hands-on training after the theoretical part of the program is done. This is a hybrid structure that a few schools adopt, including the Penn Foster Institute.

Step 3: Job Placement

Lastly, candidates can secure employment after training or start their own dog grooming salon/mobile station. They may also choose to become certified for career opportunities.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

Obtaining a license is not mandatory for dog groomers in Arkansas. Candidates who become certified do so because of the potential benefits, ranging from continuing education resources to networking opportunities and additional resources that make the job easier.

The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) offers a few credentials with these benefits, including the Certified Master Groomer (CMG) and Certified Professional Groomer (CPG) designations.

To earn these credentials, candidates must pass written and practical exams.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in Arkansas

The entries below are considered to be among the top training programs for learning dog grooming in Arkansas.

Arkansas School for Dog Grooming

Wynne, AR Campus Only

Arkansas School for Dog Grooming is the prominent destination for dog grooming training in Arkansas. Located in Little Rock, candidates who get accepted here will learn key topics such as hair cutting, brushing, and styling.

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$3,000 - $6,000
  • 511 E Cogbill Ave, Wynne, AR 72396

  • (870) 238-3113

Animal Behavior College

Little Rock, AR Online + Campus

For online training, candidates in Arkansas may look to Animal Behavior College. The school offers several highly-rated veterinary programs, including options for veterinary assistants, vet technicians, and dog groomers.

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$3,499 - $6,195 per Program
  • (800) 795-3294

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Salary & Career Outlook

Anyone starting a career as a dog groomer in Arkansas may expect to begin with an annual average salary ranging from $29,999$47,667. The lower figure pertains to those who find themselves among the bottom 10%, while the higher figure belongs to the average earners in the state.

Arkansas’s highest-paid dog groomers, among the top 10%, take home an average salary of as high as $75,740 at the end of every year.

Factors influencing the exact figures are experience, location, specialty areas, and credentials.

Sorting by location alone, the highest-paying destination for dog groomers in Arkansas is in Fayetteville, where these professionals take home an annual average salary of $50,565.

Other notable destinations are Little Rock, with an annual average salary of $48,533, and Bentonville, with an annual average salary of $45,644.