How to Become a Dog Groomer in New Mexico

Dog owners in New Mexico are constantly seeking the service of professional dog groomers to help keep their dogs in a healthy shape while looking physically appealing at the same time. This is why the demand for dog groomers has consistently increased in various states nationwide, including New Mexico.

If you are interested in working with adorable dogs and making them look their best, then a career in this field may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

In the guide below, we explore all the requirements you’ll need to meet to start a successful journey as a dog groomer in the state and take advantage of several career growth opportunities. We also highlight a few notable grooming programs and expected salary projections.

Steps to Become a Dog Groomer in New Mexico

Candidates looking to become dog groomers in New Mexico may start their careers confidently by following the steps below.

Step 1: Receive Dog Grooming Training

Naturally, anyone looking to become a successful dog groomer in New Mexico must first receive the necessary training. Even self-taught students must consult external materials and resources to aid their cause.

Generally, though, the most direct way is to attend a training program, learning the fundamental theories behind dog grooming before moving on to hands-on training. During hands-on training, candidates work with actual dogs, improving their skills along the way.

Candidates may need a high school diploma or GED to secure admission into a training program. This is not mandated by the state but a prerogative of each training provider.

In one of the next sections below, we will be taking an in-depth look at some of the best places and online programs offering the state’s most prominent dog grooming training.

Step 2: Skills and Personal Development

There are certain skills that a dog groomer must have. Training programs may sometimes teach these skills, but some have to be cultivated by each groomer before starting their careers or progressing.

Some of the most relevant skills needed are a passion for the job, patience, interpersonal skills, affinity towards pets and dogs, and sufficient physical strength.

Step 3: Job Placement

The beauty of being a dog groomer is that professionals in this field can work with something other than an existing business. They may start their mobile dog grooming station and build from there.

Additionally, they may work at an existing pet grooming parlor to gain real-world experience before branching out.

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Licensure and Certification Requirements

New Mexico has no statewide licensure requirement for dog groomers employed by existing businesses. Anyone looking to start a dog grooming business must follow the general requirements for registering a business in the state.

As for certification, the National Dog Groomers Association offers the most popular professional credentials for dog groomers nationwide. The International Professional Groomers, Inc., and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists also offer highly rated designations.

To earn these credentials, candidates must complete training materials, pass a written examination, and then pass a hands-on training arrangement.

Top Dog Grooming Schools in New Mexico

The list below contains some of the most worthwhile training programs for dog groomers in New Mexico.

#New Mexico
Albuquerque Doggie Spa

Albuquerque, NM Campus Only

Albuquerque Doggie Spa offers a training program for aspiring dog groomers that can be completed in 6 months. Candidates may enroll for the part-time or full-time flight schedule options.

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$3199 - $5,366 per Program
  • (505) 256-8388


#New Mexico
Academy of Pet Careers

Albuquerque, NM Online + Campus

Academy of Pet Careers (APC) offers two options for aspiring dog groomers in New Mexico, including an online and an in-person program.


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$2,400 - $5,000 per Course
  • (636) 778-4989

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Salary & Career Outlook

Dog groomers in New Mexico earn an average salary of $54,097 at the end of the year — so long as they find themselves in the midpoint of earners in the state. Making an annual average salary lower or higher than this figure is also possible.

For instance, dog groomers in New Mexico who fall into the category of the bottom 10% take home an annual average salary of $30,691. In contrast, the highest-paid dog groomers in the state earn an average salary that is closer to around $95,351 every year.

As with most professions, location plays a huge role in determining how much a dog groomer in the state makes at the end of the year. Rio Rancho is the highest-paying city for dog groomers in New Mexico, with an annual average salary of $64,063. The second highest is Santa Fe, with an annual average salary of $59,818.